Hygiene Concepts

The health of your animals is important to us.

Animals need a hygienically clean environment so that they feel comfortable and perform well. A high bacterial load in the stall is a burden on the health of the animals and affects their performance. Hygiene is therefore a crucial success factor.

Regularly cleaning and disinfection keeps the likelihood of infection low and reduces the risk of diseases. THESEO Deutschland will work with you to develop a comprehensive and individually tailored hygiene concept to meet your requirements and support you in implementing the necessary measures. With round about 40 years of experience in the area of stall and animal hygiene, THESEO Deutschland supports you as a livestock farmer and will work with you to develop a holistic hygiene concept for your operation. 

Components of the hygiene concept

  • Stall cleaning
  • Stall disinfection
  • Cleaning and disinfection of water pipes
  • Cleaning and disinfection of liquid feeding pipes
  • Personal hygiene
  • Vehicle hygiene

Transmission path control

  • Beetle / mite control
  • Rodent control
  • Fly control

We do not think in a product-oriented but rather in a solution-oriented manner - always searching for the suitable solution for you.


Only healthy chickens, turkeys and laying hens can perform well.  From the hatchery to housing out, maintaining the health of poultry comes first.


Prerequisite for successful pig farming is the interplay of several success factors. The health of the animals comes first.


Professional stall cleaning and stall disinfection is the guarantor for economic success both for dairy and fattening stock farms alike. Whether in regard to above-average milk quality or high animal performance - the health of the animals takes the highest priority.

Pest control

Flies, parasites and rodents transfer dangerous diseases and bring unrest to the stall.

Supplement feed

High quality supplement feed is an important part of modern animal nutrition and plays a decisive role in the health and performance of the animals along with hygiene.