Milestones in the development of the company

  • 1978

    The foundations were laid for the current EWABO company in Wietmarschen in Lower Saxony.

    Originally founded as a service company for the drilling industry, the EWABO brand name is short for "Erdöl–WAsser–BOhren" (oil--water-drilling). Increasing demand for disinfectants in the animal industry led to a fundamental reorientation that saw EWABO grow into a specialist for hygiene and cleaning products, focusing on the veterinary sector in the years that followed. After intensive field and market studies, the first disinfectant for this industry was developed - Aldekol DES 01.

  • Beginning of the 80s

    EWABO continuously expands its sales activities abroad.
  • Middle of the 80s

    EWABO extends its product range to include new sophisticated products for industry (car, furniture, etc.). Successful research and development leads to the market launch of Aldekol DES 03, which is still one of our top sellers today.
  • 1990s

    The product portfolio is expanded to include additional products for various areas of application throughout the livestock industry.
  • 2000

    The product range includes over 100 different products. Due to ongoing expansion, a new large warehouse building is erected at the company headquarters in Wietmarschen to facilitate the required capacity increases.
  • 2002

    EWABO produces according to the EU GMP quality management system guidelines.
  • 2004

    The founders of the company transfer the company to a group of investors within the context of a succession plan.
  • 2012

    Commissioning of the finished goods warehouse at the Lohne/Wietmarschen premises
  • 2017

    THESEO (AVRIL Group) acquires EWABO, becoming on this occasion a European leader in livestock biosecurity.

    These international distribution networks of THESEO and EWABO will benefit from the complementarities of the new organisation to accelerate their development. Today, EWABO supplies more than 100 high quality products and is at home in over 70 countries worldwide.

  • 2018

    EWABO has turned into THESEO Deutschland GmbH


    Following the integration process EWABO Chemikalien GmbH has become THESEO Deutschland GmbH. Effective since 06.08.2018, we have changed the company name EWABO Chemikalien GmbH into the new transnational company name.