Hygiene is our profession.

As a world-renowned specialist, THESEO Deutschland provides cleaning and disinfection products as well as innovative hygiene concepts for the agricultural sector, food industry and gastronomy.

Your animals can only deliver healthy food if they are kept under hygienic conditions and are given good feed. This is why we are a much sought-after partner in the agricultural sector when it comes to successful hygiene concepts for the modern stall and animal health as well as improving the wellbeing of animals.

Food safety for the protection of the consumer requires holistic hygiene solutions for all stages of the food chain, so that we can enjoy food without any concerns. THESEO Deutschland offers just that. Our GASTRO/FOOD programme includes innovative hygiene concepts, powerful cleaning and disinfection products, application systems and competent application consulting and training, including support with fulfilling documentation obligations.

We aim to impress as the THESEO Deutschland brand. Anyone who trusts THESEO Deutschland products is buying quality, safety and reliability - for more than 35 years, this is what our good name has stood for!