Concentrate Calculator

The perfect mix.

The success of cleaning and disinfection depends primarily on four factors:

  • Chemical (cleaning/disinfectant and its concentration)
  • Mechanical (dissolving dirt, soaking dirt)
  • Temperature
  • (Effective) time, establishing contact with the agent usedEffective) time, establishing contact with the agent used

These factors and their mechanisms of action determine the "Sinner's circle".
All four factors are dependent on each other but can vary significantly in terms of size.

The perfect combination of these factors to create the best method for your application defines the minimum financial input for maximum cleaning and disinfection success.


The THESEO Deutschland concentrate calculator helps you to determine the ideal solution for your disinfectant. Our sales team are happy to help with detailed questions about the application of our products.


0,4 l/m²

The solution is the sum of water and concentrate.
When diluting, always fill the water first and then add the products.

The underlying factors are not binding for calculating the solution. They are based more on empirical studies and many years of practical experience.